Slice of Lime is a UX Design agency focused on the connected device space. We're also a bunch of parents with young girls that would love to see new toys that encourage learning and play without the use of TVs, iPads, and iPhones.

Slice of Lime has created a new kind of Do-It-Yourself toy called Nübi. Nübi is a creature who is new to our planet and is eager to learn all about Earth’s properties - from color to sound to hot and cold.

Using a magic flower, kids learn by teaching Nübi. Starting with basic color mixing and sounds, kids will eventually learn to custom-program Nübi to react to light, dark, hot, cold, motion, and even other Nübis.

All of the teaching and programming is done through the magic flower, special cards, and Nübi itself. There are no screens or other electronics involved.

We’re extremely excited about our prototype for Nübi and the potential it has to open a new world of learning and play for kids at a variety of age levels.

We're honored to be recognized as the winner of the DevelopHer Toy & Game Challenge!

Update: Slice of Lime was acquired by Pivotal in 2016. Nübi is now owned by Friendly Branch and is seeking an inventor license deal.